Gallery in the Garden

Art Exhibit and Silent Auction. Humorous, ethereal and exquisite—all of these sentiments have been used to describe the Morrill Homestead’s annual Gallery in the Garden art show and silent auction, featuring the works of many fine artists from the Strafford community, the Upper Valley and beyond.


“A Celebration of Light” Art Exhibit — Friday, July 4th through Sunday July 20th, Wednesday through Sunday, 11:00AM-5:00 PM

Silent Auction of Morrill Minis — Friday, July 4th 2014, 5:30 PM
Reception for the show’s opening begins at 5:30 PM with silent auction of “Minis for Morrill”—magnificent miniature paintings by artists of regional & national reputation.

The 2014 silent auction of miniature 4″×4″ paintings will include works by these artists: Bob Bauer, Gerry Bergstein, Todd Binzen Gail Boyajian, Jennifer Brown, Anna Chute, Lucas Chute, Noah Chute, Laura Clark, Kelly Coffin, Ned Coffin, Randy Coffin, Dierdre Dennis, Kate Emlen, Georgina Forbes, Nancy Gerlach, Lou Hance, Laura Karetzky, Pace Kendall, Ed Koren, George Lawrence, Jo Levasseur, David Macaulay, Andy Newman, Mary Louise Pierson, Beth Preston, Deborah Frankel Reese, Stephanie Reininger, Patsy Root, Lianne Thomashow, Jessica Tidman and others.


Miniature 4″x4″paintings being auctioned in 2014

(More 2014 Morrill Minis will be posted here as they arrive.)

 (Click on a Mini to enlarge and view all as a slide show.)

Historic Barn by Andy Newman

“Small Red Barn” by Andy Newman


Still Life by Kate Emlen

“Three of Us” by Kate Emlen


"Summer Splendor" by Kate Root

“Summer Splendor” by Patsy Root


Abstract by Nancy Gerlach

Abstract by Nancy Gerlach


"Northern Lights" by Jo Levasseur

“Northern Lights” by Jo Levasseur


"Daff's" by Stephanie Reininger

“Daffs” by Stephanie Reininger


"Rest" by Randy Coffin

“Rest” by Randy Coffin

by Anna Chute

“Vermont Birches” by Anna Chute

by Gerry Bergstein

by Gerry Bergstein

by Gail Boyajian

by Gail Boyajian


by Laura Clark

“White Pansy” by Laura Clark


by Charlotte Atkinson

by Charlotte Atkinson


"Winter Sun" by Beth Preston

“Winter Sun” by Beth Preston


by Todd Binzen

by Todd Binzen


"Nancy's Barn" by Ned Coffin

“Nancy’s Barn” by Ned Coffin


by Lou Hance

“She-Lobster” by Lou Hance


"Pink House" by Dierdre Dennis

“Pink House” by Dierdre Dennis


by Ed Koren

“On My Way” by Ed Koren


"In Can Descent" by David Macaulay

“In Can Descent” by David Macaulay


"White House on Hill" by Jessie Newman

“White House on Hill” by Jessie Newman


by David Newman

“In the City, With Dog” by David Newman


"Up Kibling Hill Road" by Andy Newman

“Up Kibling Hill Road” by Andy Newman


"Picotée" by George Lawrence

“Picotée” by George Lawrence


"Sheep Shearing" by Lianne Thomashow

“Shearing Mary” by Lianne Thomashow


"Sunset" by George Lawrence

“Sunset” by George Lawrence


Untitled by Jennifer Brown

“The New Path” by Jennifer Brown


"Winter Quiet Popples" by Deborah Frankel Reese

“Winter Quiet Popples” by Deborah Frankel Reese


"Gold Dusk" by Georgina Forbes

“Gold Dusk” by Georgina Forbes


"The Way the Sunlight Laces with Shadows" by Deborah Frankel Reese

“The Way the Sunlight Laces with Shadows” by Deborah Frankel Reese


"Moon at Dusk" by Georgina Forbes

“Moon at Dusk” by Georgina Forbes


"Watching Lilacs" by Bob Bauer

“Watching Lilacs” by Bob Bauer


"Try It" by Jessica Tidman

“Try It” by Jessica Tidman


"Mischief" by Kelly Coffin

“Mischief” by Kelly Coffin


"Honey" by Kelly Coffin

“Honey” by Kelly Coffin


by Mary Louise Pierson

“Tuscan View” by Mary Louise Pierson

"Ginkgo & Feather" by Sherry Saint-Germaine

“Ginkgo & Feather” by Sherry Saint-Germaine


"Peony Buds" by Pace Kendall

“Peony Buds” by Pace Kendall