Lucinda Brockway – Cultural Resources Program Director, The Trustees of Reservations

Prior to joining The Trustees of Reservations Ms. Brockway ran her own landscape preservation and design consulting firm called Past Designs for almost twenty-five years.  She did residential landscape design, preservation planning, cultural landscape reports, and consulting work for clients from Maine to Texas. She was an instructor for the National Preservation Institute, teaching landscape preservation classes all over the country, including Hawaii.

When asked about her position at The Trustees of Reservations –  “I am responsible for the appropriate management of the parts of our properties shaped, designed, built, or planted by people.  Every day I learn about new, incredible cultural resources that are part of our properties.  Did you know that The Trustees manage an old graphite mine, an old brick yard, archaeology sites that document the life ways of each of Massachusetts’ native tribal peoples, foundations, hand dug wells, and field patterns from our earliest European settlers, and some of the best of Massachusetts’ designed landscapes?  Our art collection, furnishings, and objects include some of the best Massachusetts decorative arts dating from the Mohicans to the present.  Many of our sites include complete collections of people’s lives, from their hair brushes to their letters to the grandest of their private estates.  It is these collections that help us to understand how best to manage our properties and to make decisions about managing the places that define our Massachusetts landscape. Cultural resources create the scenery we admire, shape the stories about our properties, and give personalities to our places.”