It has been 150 years since the Morrill Land-Grant College Act, legislation that was supposed to open up a college education to the average working man or woman – Why is there still an issue of access to higher education for American students?  Tuition costs leave students with insurmountable debt.  A large percentage of high school graduates are not equipped to undertake a college education.  Drop out rates are high.   College education is still viewed as the province of the elite.  What must we do as an country to make higher education attainable for more young Americans?

Clement Price, Ph.D.Distinguished Service Professor, Rutgers

Dr. Price was recently named Vice-Chair of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation by Pres. Obama. In 2009, he lead the President’s transition team for the National Endowment for the Humanities. He is currently Vice-Chair of the New Jersey Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. Dr. Price was named CASE Professor of the Year for New Jersey,1999.