Gallery in the Garden 2018

Art Exhibit and Silent Auction. The Morrill Homestead’s annual Gallery in the Garden art show and silent auction has become a much-anticipated annual arts event in the Upper Valley, one that features the works of many fine artists from the Strafford community, the Upper Valley and beyond. Artists present their unique perspectives on the world around us and the relationship between people and the land, in ways that are moving, playful, profound and inspiring.

Silent Auction of Morrill Minis — Friday, July, 6, 2018
Reception for the art show opening begins at 5:00 PM, followed by the silent auction of Minis for Morrill at 5:30pm—magnificent 4×4-inch miniature paintings by artists of regional & national reputation.

The 2017 silent auction of miniature 4″×4″ paintings included works by these artists, and more: Bob Bauer, Gerry Bergstein, Todd Binzen, Gail Boyajian, Jennifer Brown, Anna Chute, Noah Chute, Dierdre Dennis, Kate Emlen, Kit Farnsworth, Tracie Gillespie, Susan Hodges, Joan Hoffmann, Stefanie H. Johnston, Pace Kendall, Lisa Kippen, Ed Koren, George Lawrence (featured artist), Anne Leeds, Jo Levasseur, David Macaulay, Gregory Maguire, Andy Newman, Jessie Newman, Anita Onofrio, Jacqueline C. Overstreet, Mary Louise Pierson, Beth Preston, Stephanie Reininger, Sherry Saint-Germaine, Gus Speth and Jessica Tidman.

Gallery of miniature 4×4 Mini paintings being auctioned in 2018


Andy Newman, “Arch to the Place aux Herbes (Uzès)” oil on canvas, 4 x 4


Kate Emlen, Untitled


Andy Newman, “Arch to the Place aux Herbes II,” oil on canvas


Jo Levasseur, “Canada Geese”


Lucas Chute, “Scarecrow,” mixed media


Dierdre Dennis, “Waits River, Vermont”


Gus Speth, “Town House in Blue”


Gus Speth, “Over the Hill”


Ed Koren, untitled


Susan Hodges, “Jack-in-the-Pulpit”


Gregory Maguire, “Kiamo Ko”


David Macaulay, “Nature 1—Culture 0


Sherry Saint-Germaine, “That’ll Do, Pig”


Marianne McCann, “Nature is red in tooth and claw


Jacqueline Overstreet, “Cloudland Farm, Pomfret, VT”


Kate Reeves, “Earth Spirits #2”


Lisa Kippen, “Untitled”


Celia Reisman, “First Flower”


Celia Reisman, “Studio View”


Tracy Gillespie, “Farm to School”


Noah Chute, Untitled


Anita Onofrio, “Sailor’s Valentine”


Jennifer Brown, “The Two Bears”


Matt Brown, “Lake Winnipesaukee”


Helen Maguire Newman, “Night sky with conifers”


Stephanie Reininger, untitled


Rae Newell, “Twins”


Todd Binzen, untitled


Greta Binzen, untitled


Gerry Bergstein, “Morrill Homestead Fantasy”


Mary Louise Pierson, “Brooke Bridge”


Lianne Thomashow, “Kennel Up”


Mary Louise Pierson, “Abstract Swirls”


Gail Boyajian, “The Last Passenger Pigeon”


Pace Kendall, “America First”


Jim Schley, “Weed Whacker”


Kate Siepmann, “Blue”