Strafford in 1810

Justin Morrill was born, raised, conducted his business, built his home and is buried in Strafford VT, the town he loved. In 1883 he said to his fellow townsfolk, ” Here to me the stars, the planets, and the moon shine more brightly than elsewhere.” What was community that Morrill was born into like 200 years ago? Strafford Historian Gwenda Smith will present a free program on that topic on Sunday August 8 at 2p.m. in the Justin Morrill Education Center. The program is sponsored by the Strafford Historical Society, who will have a short annual meeting preceding the talk. Due to the fact that there was both a population census and industrial census done in 1810 there is a good deal of information about that time. All are welcome to attend this interesting look at the past.

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