Our mission

The mission of The Friends of the Morrill Homestead is to work closely with the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation (VDHP) to foster a greater awareness of the life and legacy of Justin Morrill and to preserve and maintain this National Historic Landmark and State Historic Site.

As we celebrate Morrill’s work toward universal education, the dismantling of slavery, and ensuring equal rights and justice for all citizens, we are morally obligated to educate ourselves and others about the shortcomings and unfulfilled promises of some aspects of his work and to acknowledge that the lands awarded to states for the creation of the Morrill Land-grant College Act were originally expropriated from Native Americans. In our work with the VDHP and in the design and implementation of our educational programs, we will strive for historical accuracy that includes the good that Morrill’s vision has produced, as well as the truth about injustices and unfulfilled promises.